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The official xHarbour newsgroup is now comp.lang.xharbour. It is a Usenet newsgroup that can be accessed by the news server of your internet provider, by one of the many free news servers available (,, etc.) or by Google Groups:

This newsgroup will cover ALL xHarbour related TECHNICAL discussions.

You can still read the old newsgroups. To subscribe, simply click on the links below. If the link do not work, setup the newsgroup manually like described in your newreader.

Subscribe to the xHarbour newsgroup via:


General Rules

The majority of the developers and users understand English. Therefore the official language of the xHarbour project is English. If you post in another language, add a [ automated ] translation to your post. This way you will get more response to your post and the knowledge gets shared.


If you feel in any way discriminated by the communication systems provided by, please contact The team will give it's best to keep you feel comfortable within the project.


You can subscribe to the newsletter, thus you get informed about updates, critical issues and important news affecting xHarbour. Simply sent an empty email to with subject "subscribe" to the following address:

Commercial Distributions and Support options

Commercial distributions, as well as Professional Support Programs, are now avialable, offering the added security and convinience level desired by most professional developers, and corporate/enterprise MIS departments. Range of Product Editions and Support Subscriptions are available, priced to cover the varied needs of the hobbyist developer, professional developer, and corporate enterprises. Inc.


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